Poster Presenter Guidelines

The accepted poster will be displayed throughout the duration of the conference. Therefore poster presenters are requested to be available by their posters during the networking breaks to address any queries regarding the posters.


All presenters (members and nonmembers) must register for WONCA EMR 2022 and pay the appropriate registration fees.

Preparing Your Poster

Poster Number

Each poster board is assigned a number corresponding to the poster numbers listed in the program. Please use the board that corresponds with your poster number that is received by email.

Poster Size and Content Guideline

To ensure that the scientific content is displayed attractively and professionally, please fulfill the requirements below:
– Size: The poster’s dimensions are 36″ (width) x 52″ (height) inches.
– Font Size: The font size can range from 24 to 42.
– The largest font size should be the title. The next largest font size should be the section headings. The smallest font size should be the details (body).
– Lay Out: The poster must be in Portrait (vertical) format. Landscape posters will not be accepted as the panels will not be able to accommodate them.
– Do not print out and post multiple sheets of paper. We request that the poster presentation is printed on one large sheet that matches the size of the poster dimensions.

The poster may include the following sections:

– Poster Title
– Introduction/Objectives
– Methods & Materials
– Results (may include graphs, tables, and figures)
– Discussion
– Conclusion
– References, bibliography

Please find below an example of a poster:

All co-authors and affiliations must be included on the poster.

All posters must be in English.

Double-sided tape will be available onsite to place the poster presentations on allocated panels.

All posters must remain on display for the entire duration of the conference and must be removed from the panels on the last day of the conference (12th November 2022). Please be informed that posters which will not be removed by the presenters will be discarded.